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Educational Study Programs


Education by Tumlare will take your classroom to the world!

The ability to see, smell and hear a new experience is something that is difficult to replicate in the classroom. At Tumlare, we understand the importance of learning that goes beyond the textbook and provide students with hands-on opportunities to ask questions and learn from diverse experiences. Visiting different regions of the world where you can compare and contrast business markets, cultural understandings and day to day living, is an educational experience that lasts a life time. As your international travel partner, Tumlare will provide a customized itinerary to suit your program’s needs. Connecting you with cultural institutions, high-level corporate partners, NGOs, local universities and student projects. In short, everything you need to provide your program with a gateway to the world. Let’s practice French in France, explore art history in Italy, or teach finance in Germany! We work with MBA/EMBA programs, as well as other graduate and undergraduate-level programs. Whether you are a student of business, marketing, finance, history or art, the experienced staff at Tumlare can help you create a memorable international experience and become an engaged citizen of the world.